Wednesday, February 17, 2010

totschool: brown-bear size sorting and number-jumping

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I don't get the appeal, but Basbusa does! So, I printed out the five different-sized Brown Bears from 1plus1plus1equals1, and Basbusa and I did some size-comparing.

The idea is for the tot to line up the bears in order of size, thus learning about big-bigger-biggest and learning to spot and fix things in their work that didn't go quite according to plan. For Basbusa, that task was a bit too complex taken as a whole, but she had no trouble with it when we broke it down a bit. We went through it a few times with me asking her to hand me the biggest of all the bears (or the smallest, etc), and then I'd put him at the head of the line. Then could she give me the biggest of the bears that were still left? And the next one? She enjoyed it, and I think she'll gradually get the hang of how to work through it herself if we take it out again every so often.

Next up, some very fun number review. I made several of these numerals - 0 through 10 - by taking two sheets of craft foam, cutting the number out of one of them, and sticking them together (this was cheap, since you get 16 sheets of craft foam for $1 at Dollar Tree or Walmart). We chose three numbers she knows well and one that she's a bit shaky on, and spread them around the floor. The basic idea was to identify a number, call it out, and run to jump up and down on it:

We played a few different ways - I asked her to find particular number, and we'd both run to it and jump; I asked her to choose a number to run to, then we'd jump on it and say which one we were jumping on; and then at the end when she was getting tired, she asked me to pick her up but still wanted to keep playing. So I let her point to a number, and ran over and jumped on it with her in my arms. Much hilarious giggling ensued. And much wheezing and panting from Mama by the time we'd done it for about three minutes!

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