Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tot school: blot-pictures and hot-vs-cold

My brilliant plan for this activity was to try to teach Basbusa the difference between "hot" and "warm." At the moment, she usually categorizes anything from lukewarm on upwards as "hot! hot!" (accompanied by much dramatic blowing and pointing), so I thought we could have a cup of ice-water, a cup of warm water, and a cup of hot water, and she could practice identifying which was which.

Well, the general idea worked, but there were a few hitches. It was really quite hard to tell the difference between "hot" and "warm" by touching the outside of the little plastic cups, so I was worried that I'd only increase her hot/warm confusion rather than decreasing it. However, Basbusa helpfully solved this problem for me within about five seconds, when she picked up the cup of warm water and drank it. Well, that solves that problem. So we just played with the "cold" and "hot" cups instead. I would mix them up and circle them around on the tray ("they're spinning! they're turning!" said Basbusa), and then ask her to find the cold one, or the hot one, etc. She would carefully test them with her finger, and point it out for me. I don't think she learned much (since she already knows the difference between hot and cold), but she enjoyed it, and was very cute to see her experimenting like a little scientist to test her materials with her tiny little finger :)

Since we had water conveniently to hand, we next did some scribbling on paper towel (she definitely knows green and pink now! yay!) and then used a dropper to watch what happened when we added water to the scribbles. Basbusa didn't really get the hang of using the dropper, which isn't surprising, but plenty of water got transfered in one way or another. It wasn't a life-altering experience for her, but she was interested enough to keep doing it. Good enough for me!

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