Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The smartest, politest, wonderfulest little cupcake...

...and just in case anyone should think that those are the highly-biased words of an over-infatuated, doting mother (surely not!), then allow me (yes, please do allow me!) to give you just a few examples of my little sugarcake's latest brilliance:

Yesterday, Basbusa picked up one of her current favorite books (Uh-Oh! Gotta Go!), and brought it over to me enthusiastically. "Uh-Oh!", she said, as she pointed to the right words on the cover with her teeny little index finger. Then she turned to the title page and did it again: "Uh-Oh!" Point point! My smart little munchkin, reading already! (Well, yes... it may also be because we had fun doing lots of dramatic pointing a few days ago, when she was showing me the words in big font in her book. But it certainly looked like reading, and sounded like reading! Such an exciting glimpse of things to come.)

A recent conversation with Basbusa:
Me: Basbusa, would you like milk or juice?
Basbusa: Juice please!
Me: Sure, sweetie! Here you go.
Basbusa: Straw, please?
Me: Of course, my angel darling sweet child! Here, choose a color!
Basbusa: Thank you!

Such heart-meltingly good manners! She still needs reminders more than half the time, but she's getting there, and never has there been anything so beautiful in the universe as her little please-and-thank-yous.

And last but not least, may I report with great pride (and relief) the accomplishment of four straight days with no accidents, where potty-training is concerned? (Well, ok. One accident. Two. But they were very minor and counted as mere blips rather than start-overs.) Today, she's back with the babysitter she doesn't listen to, though, and had three accidents within the first hour, so we still have a long way to go. But it is just glorious to be moving away from endless washings of diapers (and carpets) at last!

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