Monday, December 21, 2009


Welcome, to anyone who has found there way to this blog - especially my sweet Basbusa, if it is you who are reading it years from now. Half of the purpose of this blog is simply a baby-diary of my little girl's first few years.

Why in a blog? Because I've done a pathetic job of keeping track of "first moments" so far, and the baby photos are in a jumble spread over three computers. I'm hoping that a string of nice, short, auto-dated blog entries will make things easier to remember.

The other purpose is to document our experiments with "Tot School" (for the definition and prime example, see Clarissa's amazing site.) Basbusa's not quite one and a half yet, so we needn't be in any huge rush to find the perfect pedagogical solution! Over the past month or two, though, I have been reading a collection of tot-school mom-blogs (see list in the sidebar) which are truly inspiring. Lots of fun, lots of bonding, and a tot who knows all kinds of things about numbers and letters and nature and art? Definitely worth a try, especially now that I'm cutting back to part-time work and will actually get to spend more time with Basbusa on weekdays.

So far, though, I've found that being super-tot-school-mom isn't as easy as it looks, from the delightful posts and pictures I had been enjoying on other blogs! So this blog will (I hope) be a resource for anyone else who, like me, is starting from a point of optimistic cluelessness, or who wants to try Tot School in Arabic. I'm imagining that it will be a series of "hmmmm, well now, that didn't go as I was expecting" posts, interspersed with a steady supply of sugary, in-mom's-eye's only, "my baby is so smart!" stories.

Hope you enjoy it, and comments, advice and questions are always welcome!

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  1. Salam alaikum! I've very much enjoyed your blog ever since stumbling upon it, I'm also a Muslim ARabic mom living in the West and have found your activities very useful (my toddler turned 2 August 1st) and I'm also expecting :) Have you had your baby yet? Looking forward to new blog posts!