Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Preschool Arabic Alphabet Games (2)

I have two more games to suggest from our "Ramadan Club" last week, when we covered the letters ج, ح, خ, د, ذ, ر and ز.

Add-The-Dot Race:
We did this with ج, ح and خ, but you could use any group of letters that look the same except for the dots.

  • We divided the kids into three groups at one end of the room, and gave each group a piece of chalk. 
  • I set up a big chalk-board at the front of the room, and wrote three big ح 's on it (one for each group).
  • When I called out a letter (ح, ج or خ), the kids were supposed to discuss where to put the dot, have one person run up to the chalkboard and put the dot in the right place, run back to their group again and yell out the name of the letter when they arrived. (If I had called out a ح, they just tapped the chalkboard without writing any dot.) 
  • The group whose runner arrived back first won the race.
In reality, the kids didn't really discuss where to put the dot - whoever was holding the chalk just ran. I had been hoping they'd discuss it partly because our group is uneven in terms of how well the kids know their letters, so I didn't want some kids always getting it "right" while others always got it "wrong", and partly because I was hoping that they'd reinforce each other's knowledge by using the letter names in their discussion of where to put the dots. But never mind :) 


  • I made this bingo sheet with the letters د, ذ, ر and ز.
  • I wrote the letters on four balls (but you could use pieces of paper, or anything else) and put them in a bucket.
  • I pulled out one ball at a time, held it up and said its name, and the kids had to find a matching letter on their sheets (each letter appears many times) and put an "X" through it.
  • First person to get a complete row of X's wins. 

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  1. Assalamo alaikum Ukhti,
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