Monday, September 19, 2011

starting up again, insha'Allah...?

So, Basbusa is now three, and her little sister is almost one (sub7an Allah, it's insane how much faster the time rushes by with two babies). I'm staying home with them rather than working, which, ironically, has meant *less* time for blogging since I'm no longer able to fit it in to quiet moments during the work-day! Also, I pretty much gave up on the tot-schooling thing. The activities that Basbusa got most out of were always the ones that were closest to real life rather than "structured activities," and she never was interested in completing (or even starting) an activity that she couldn't see a use for it in her own real life, no matter how "educational" it was, or how pretty the pieces were, or how novel it was (or how long I'd spent preparing it!). I have a feeling that the baby might be more excited about Tot-School activities, though... I'll keep it in mind a few months from now.

Right now, I'm thinking very very hard about homeschooling rather than sending Basbusa to school when she's five. (She just started a fantastic preschool that she loves so far, but it's only twice a week for three hours, and they don't do any academics at all. And it's way too expensive for us to do more than that, even if we did want her in "school" for longer hours.) So one reason I'm blogging again is to keep track of my thoughts on the whole  homeschooling option.

The other is to keep a record of the fantastic books we've been reading! Basbusa is just as book-crazy as she was as a tot, and I want to make sure we still remember all the great books we've found once the baby is old enough to read them. Plus, I've gotten so much out of book-suggestions from other bloggers, so I'd like to share the joy!


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum and Welcome Back!

    Really missed you and was wondering what happened to you for almost one year. I knew you said you are going to have the second one but silence for a long time was upsetting me. Masha Allaah nice to know you are back!

  2. Salaam!!! So nice to hear from you! And I just saw your intro post on InternationalHomeschoolingUmmis, which I also joined recently :) Hope all is going well with you and Maimoonah iA!