Thursday, April 15, 2010

tot school: ice-cube scooping and bead-threading

Another hit-and-miss tot-school session today, as usual!

First up, ice-cube scooping, inspired by Chasing Cheerios:

This is another one where I'm not quite sure what the point is, as far as "education" is concerned, but Basbusa certainly loved it! I added a bit of red paint to the water before freezing the ice-cubes, just to make them a bit more visible. I thought it would be tricky for her, but actually she had the icecubes transferred into the bowl in about twelve seconds using the big slotted spoon. So we tried again using a teeny-weeny teaspoon. Done in maybe 20 seconds, followed by several repetitions. But she enjoyed it a lot, and I think she was also interested in the coldness of the icecubes (which she has never really played with before) and the way the changed shape and dripped pink water as they melted. So hey, let's call it a science experiment :)

And, yet another fail in the beading department:
(Please note, when I say "fail," I don't mean Basbusa!! I mean failure on *my* part to come up with activities that she finds fun and interesting.) A nice, easily-grippable new shoelace, and some beads that fell off a broken abacus. Fun threading activity, you'd think, right? But no; Basbusa, who finds nothing more interesting than inserting flash drives into USB ports and cell-phone-chargers into cell-phones, apparently thinks that putting a shoelace through a bead is a waste of time. No interest whatsoever. Maybe she'd be more into it if we were "making necklaces"? Get some pink and sparkle involved? She does seem to have inherited (from her Auntie, not from her Mama!) a love of girlie bows and ribbons... Hmmmm....

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  1. he daughter's just like yours...usbs into flash ports? yes! mobile chargers into mobile phones? anytime! lacing beads? nope...she would just do 2-3 beads, hand it to me, say enough (quite assertively) and get up and go...till I figured out that the reason she didnt like lacing, as well as tonging marbles onto the bath mats, or pom poms into ice cube trays because she didnt see any point to it , it didn't reach any worthwhile end. So now, I have to modify things a bit, tie a knot at the end of the lace, so she can later loop and form a necklace, give her a bit of challenge like slippery beads to has worked so far..but let's see...and I totally agree with you..there are those activities that other kids out there in blogland totally thrive on, but my daughter? nope..she'd rather sit with her books, or watch her dad drill, hammer or mix cement when doing some diy work and then try herself to climb the tall stepladder and use her toy drill...JazakAllahKhair for your posts...they give me a lot of inspiration